Industrial filament PC/ABS is here! January 24 2020

PC/ABS is the third filament in a row that has been released by Fillamentum Industrial so far this year. Polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene or in short PC/ABS is suitable for all commercial FFF/FDM printers that use 1,75 mm filament diameter.

Like most of its predecessors, PC/ABS is suitable for prototyping. The excellent properties of this material make it great for application in the automotive industry. It's durable with excellent mechanical properties and impact resistance, especially at low temperatures. PC/ABS is also resistant to high temperatures and can be used as a part of electrically stressed parts of consumer or office electronics. It's perfect for printing parts of printers, copiers, game consoles, or keyboards.

Another use-case for this material are airbags or the interior parts of car bodies as it resists mechanical and thermal strain. It's a filament that is light but strong at the same time and shows minimal signs of wear even after numerous uses. The hardness of PC/ABS is comparable to Vinyl 303, Nylon CF15 Carbon, or CPE CF112 Carbon.

A notable aspect of PC/ABS shows is it's excellent printing properties. We strongly recommend keeping the printing temperature at 260–280 °C, bed temperature in a rage of 90–105 °C, and the printing speed at 30–55 mm/s. We do not recommend fast cooling, as this could lead to warping and shrinking. This also means that less cooling helps to make printed parts stronger as the layers have enough time to bond well.


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