Nylon CF15 Carbon is back in stock! April 28 2020

After a few months, Nylon CF15 Carbon is back in stock! Nylon FX256 reinforced with carbon fibers is highly technical materials in the Fillamentum Industrial line.

An industrial designer and enthusiastic maker František Dvořák had a clear purpose in his testing of Nylon CF15 Carbon. He has printed an aesthetic exhaust tailpipe for his Audi A4.

"I’ve chosen Nylon CF15 Carbon mainly for its high-temperature resistance (up to 160 ° C). Although it is at the end of the exhaust, it can sometimes reach temperatures up to 130 °C.  For example on longer trips or in warm weather," František explains. In this case, 3D printing is a very fast and cost-reducing way to make a fully functional and personalized part. It’s not possible to buy an end cap in this shape and design anywhere. The printing took about ten hours while the modeling took about two hours and postprocessing with the installation took another hour. 

“Printing was successful on the first try, no special glue was needed for the bed. I like its uniform surface and the slight stringing was very easy to clean. I wanted the plastic cover to touch the metal body of the exhaust as little as possible, so I added adjustable screws. The cooling of the cover was increased by adding openings through which air can flow as I’m driving,” adds František. 


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