Fillamentum, one of the leading 3D printer filament manufacturers, is entering the Czech Stock Exchange May 09 2018

On the 28t​ h​ of April, The Czech National bank has approved Fillamentum’s, entrance into the Czech Stock Exchange.

Value through innovation.... is the credo of this start-up company that received attention from NWT Holdings that acquired Fillamentum in 2011. FIllamentum, a recognized global brand, provides its materials to many Companies as well as the U.S. Army. The Company focuses on manufacturing polymer products such as technical tubes, hoses, and strings that are used in automotive, engineering, the food industry, as well as hobby and design. The fastest growing segment is the manufacture of 3D printing materials.

Fillamentum is the world’s leading filament manufacturer with first quality materials and a vast color palette. According to the Chairman of the Board, Martina Vitkova: “The superior quality of the Filamentum product can be seen immediately. In contrast, other filament Brands commonly produced in China are curved, have varying thickness, and are cheaply packaged. Some look like a wound-up extension cord.”

Fillamentum has experienced steady, progressive growth since startup.

FIllamentum is planning on using funds obtained through the public stock offering on modern production lines in the Czech Republic, as well as expansion of production to the U.S. According to Fillamentum GM Josef Dolecek : ”We are in a very progressive business, especially 3D printing. Thanks to our experience with processing polymers, we were able to get into the business at the right time, pioneering and even establishing trends in the industry. Fillamentum is looking to continue their forecasted expansion, and this Public Offering is key to our growth strategy.”

As a result of our extensive research and development, and collaboration with Czech and Slovakian Universities, we continue to maintain a technological edge over competitors. Our current forward-looking business model is key as we strive to continue leading the industry in 3D printing filaments.

Fillamentum, with its exceptional innovation and quality, is among the World’s top 5 filament manufacturers.


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