Best 3D prints #20 January 30 2019

Looks like this month was mostly about figures. Thats awesome!

Lets check out the best prints, of course from Fillamentum materials.

Enjoy : ) 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver",
"Green Grass" & "Vertigo Galaxy"
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado
▷ Printed on: Prusa MK3
▷ Design: Summer by ArteCreator on Myminifactory

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens"
▷ Printed by: Vedran Marjanovic Wekster
▷ Design: Crackshot by Wekser on Myminifactory


▷ Material: Flexfill 98A "Vertigo Grey" and "Pistachio Green"
▷ Printed by: ‪FilamentFrenzy‬
▷ Printed with: Mosaic‬ Palette 2
▷ Design: Low Poly Pencil Cup/Holder by Anthony Cohn on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue"
▷ Printed by: Matt (Jake from State Farm)
▷ Printed on: Creality3dprint Ender 3


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy"
▷ Printed by:
▷ Printed on: Trilab Deliq
▷ Design: Gyroid Cube by Seth Moczytlowsky on Thingiverse

▷ Material:PLA Extrafill "Traffic White", "Pearl Ruby Red" & "Gold Happens"
▷ Printed by: Giuseppe Pasquarelli
▷ Printed on: Geeetech
▷ Design: Pennywise Clown from "IT" 3D Printing Miniature
by Alex Cruz on Gambody


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Sulfur Yellow", "Traffic White", "Noble Blue", "Luminous Orange" & "Metallic Grey"
▷ Printed by: Roman Pospisilik
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK3
▷ Design: SpongeBob by System rhea on Thingiverse

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver", "Traffic Black" and "Traffic White"
▷ Printed by: Giuseppe Pasquarelli
▷ Printed on: anycubic 3D
▷ Design: Ghost Biker by Sanix on ‪malix3design‬


▷ Material: CPE HG100 "Natural" and PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"
▷ Printed by: David Shorey
▷ Printed on: ‪Seemecnc Artemis 300 RTP‬
▷ Design: David Shorey


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