Best 3D prints #15 July 03 2018

It's time for another round of the best prints from the best makers!
Let’s check out the most beautiful and interesting prints which you’ve sent us in photos.
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▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Entiresia
▷ Printed on: E3D
▷ Design: Entiresia, inspired by Harriet Whitney Frishmuth


Material:  PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" & "Vertigo Grey"
Printed by: Carsten Dalgaard
Design: Chess by PerryT on Thingivers


Material: PLA Extrafill "Lilac"
Printed by: Uncle Jesse
Printed on: Peopoly Moai
Design: Thanos by Byambaa on Thingiverse


Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
Printed by: Arturo Anoni
Design: Robert Kovacs


 Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver""Orange Orange" & "Vertigo Grey"
Printed by: Fernando Jerez
Printed on: ANET E10
Design: Tow Walker by Fernando Jerez on Thingiverse

Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey""Gold Happens" &  Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue"
 Printed by: Fernando Jerez
 Printed on: Crealty CR-10
 Design: The Roadrunner by Fernando Jerez on Thingiverse


Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Smaragd Green"
▷ Printed by: Jukka Sepännen
▷ Printed on: Creality CR-10 mini
▷ Design: Jukka Sepannen on MyMiniFactory


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Concrete Grey""Sky Blue"
▷ Printed by: Michal Fanta
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2S
▷ Design: SNAKE PUZZLE by Michal Fanta @xfanta on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic White""Traffic Red""Traffic Black""Rapunzel Silver""Concrete Grey"
▷ Printed by: carcasaINK
▷ Design: Toyota 4 Cylinder Engine 22RE, Complete working model by Eric Harrell on Thingiverse 


Blingifying the Prusa Mk3 - a.k.a. Pimp My Prusa Practical Printing Style


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"
▷ Printed by: Tore Langelandsvik
▷ Printed on: Craftbot 2
▷ Design: DIY Life-Size Terminator Arm Lamp by Wa Fa on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy"
▷ Printed by: Anastasia Thijssen
▷ Design: Anastasia Thijssen


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