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About Filla Fella July 01 2019

Hello, my name is Filla Fella!

We wanted to make a 3D printed gift which will be easy to print without supports for small and big kids who visit our booth at events. And we ended up with conceptual art project for creativity development. Awesome! 

In the summer 2019 we started to collect ideas for a type of animal, which we can let somebody design and we can spread with him/her some 3D printed love to our makers. A dog, cat, all the obvious animals you can imagine. Papuchalk was the most original one. 

More than 270 ideas came from our friends, followers, makers and of course employees. 5 made it to the final selection.

Fillamentum is about creativity, this model is a blank canvas it’s much more than a model that stands for itself it’s something the maker makers there own, now that, that’s unique, think outside the box! Filament Frenzy on Twitter

We asked Agustin Flowalistik Arroyo which we chose to design it about the designing process and more...

"My name is Agustin Arroyo, also known as Flowalistik, and I have been working around digital fabrication since 2013. I am passionate about developing simple and accessible products, collaborating as a designer and beta tester with industry-leading companies such as Ultimaker, BCN3D and BQ Readers. As an educator, I consider the design process and project documentation as the most important aspects involved in the learning experience. 

This model looks quite simple, but it was a challenge to get there. We wanted to design something simple and unique where the material was the key feature. Taking as a starting point that this model is going to be massively printed at events, it would need to have a simple bulky shape. This meant that before going to the details, the model's shape should be finished. After drawing many sketches and printing samples, I came up with the final shape, which I love because of a small detail. The model can be printed in two orientations: normal and upside down. I believe this small detail can be game-changing, mainly because some 3D printers may actually print this model better if the model is rotated 180 degrees, and that maximizes the number of successful print and it shows how important orientation is when 3D printing.

The funny thing is that when we were done with the model's basic design, we decided to remove any details and keep it clean, as it may distract people from the most important part: the filament used. Also, it works as a canvas for kids to customize it!


Btw. we asked our friends, followers and fans how to name him. There were more than 57 entries with ideas like Fillaman or Fill. Another 20 with Phil. 8 people came with something reminding marshmallows, Flow-ish, Vertigo-ish and other names were placed. We picked up some which we liked but couldnt decided which one is the best. So we let people to vote.

So here we are, with a “white canvas” ready for your creativity! 


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